PRIME 2011

Antonio Politano, HEMU Vaud (responsable de projet)
Simone Conforti, MartLab, Firenze

PRIME 2011 intends to extend the results of the first PRIME project (2007-2008, financed by DORE), and to go further into sound analysis and sound processing. 

Therefore, the project aims at

  1. completing and improving the existing sound catalogue, which was done only for the Paetzold Contrabass in F;
  2. extending thecatalogue to a second instrument, the Paetzold Great Bass in F;
  3. redesigning and improving the current sound analysis section of the catalogue, in order to provide musically relevant data;
  4. unifying the notation symbols, according to the relevant repertoire, and producing tools for music notation software;
  5. establishing a catalogue of thedifferent types of computer based real-time digital signal processing found in the repertoire (Live Electronics).

Ce projet est une collaboration entre HEMU et Conservatorio Luigi Cherubini, Firenze

Accéder au site internet du projet.

09.2011 - 08.2012

Financement : fonds stratégique HES-SO

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