The HEMU Alumni network has been designed with particular care to establish lasting links between the students who have made their talent known within our walls.

Specially designed for former HEMU students, this network aims to build bridges between the different graduating classes. It has been designed to facilitate exchanges and offer you a range of stimulating opportunities.

Being an alumni of the HEMU is more than just a memory. Much more than a music academy, the HEMU is a passionate community, a bubbling cauldron of talent and culture. As alumni, you are an essential part of this musical history. Together, we form a dynamic community ready to flourish further with your unique contribution.

We look forward to counting you among the active members of the "HEMU pour Toujours" network. Together, let's make music resonate beyond borders.


Explore new frontiers of knowledge with the two doctoral programmes offered in partnership with international universities. Designed for curious and innovative minds, these programmes offer a stimulating and rewarding academic career.

If you have any training ideas or requirements, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Life Long Learning

Learning is a continuous journey, and training is the key to professional development. The HEMU develops continuing education programmes tailored to the needs of the market, leading to Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) qualifications.


If you have any questions or ideas to share, or if you'd like to tell us about your successes, don't hesitate to write to us at  alumni(at) We're here to support you at every stage of your musical journey.

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