The HEMU-CL Foundation is dedicated to the training of professional and non-professional musicians, research and the development of musical culture. It oversees the HEMU - Haute École de Musique and the Conservatoire de Lausanne.

The four-member Direction assumes collegial responsibility for the institution as a whole. It oversees the institution's pedagogical, scientific, artistic, administrative and financial activities. It proposes a strategic orientation and assumes all transversal tasks for the entire institution. In carrying out its tasks, it is supported by the Board of Directors, the HEMU site directors and the Director of the Conservatoire de Lausanne.

The HEMU is present in three cantons - Vaud, Valais and Fribourg - qualified as "sites", each led by a director and a deputy director.

Classical music is taught at all three sites. Jazz and contemporary music are taught at the HEMU - Vaud campus in Lausanne.

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