HEMU – Fribourg-Freiburg

A medieval gem and a university town par excellence, the city of Fribourg is home to the HEMU – Fribourg-Freiburg, alongside the University and the HES-SO Fribourg. With 10,000 students out of a total population of 40,000, the city lives to the rhythm of its population, the youngest in Switzerland. This unique combination of history, tradition and vibrant student life gives Fribourg an incomparable charm and dynamism.

The historic center, one of the best preserved in Europe, with its Gothic cathedral, narrow streets, old bridges, bars and picturesque squares, is a particularly pleasant place to live. At the foot of the Pre-Alps, its location close to nature is also a paradise for recharging your batteries.

Fribourg is a city of bridges between regions, languages and cultures. Bilingual, it speaks mainly French, but also German. Centrally located in Switzerland, it lies equidistant between Geneva and Zurich. A hub of artistic creation, it is home to an opera house, concert halls and theaters. Choral singing, practiced by over 200 choirs in the canton of Fribourg, is one of Switzerland's living traditions.

Comprising four buildings shared with the Conservatoire de Fribourg, the HEMU – Fribourg-Freiburg plays an active role in the region's musical life. Its Bachelor's and Master's courses in classical music focus on singing, piano, music education in schools (MUSEC), organ, wind ensemble conducting and brass. A tradition that is part of Switzerland's intangible cultural heritage, brass music is taught exclusively at the HEMU – Fribourg-Freiburg.

The HEMU - Fribourg-Freiburg is one of the teaching sites of the HEMU – Haute École de Musique.

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