The goal of the Bachelor of Arts in Music is to impart the knowledge and techniques specific to each discipline, while also promoting a more interdisciplinary general approach. These studies usually last three years and are worth 180 ECTS credits. It is compulsory to obtain the title of Bachelor before entering the second cycle of studies, the Master (MA). 

The HEMU offers three Bachelor’s degree tracks, all organized in the same way. The students take five modules corresponding to their specific track:

  • Bachelor work
  • Opening module
  • Experience path
  • General Musical Training 

Practical training and a general education in musical culture thus complete the study of the main discipline. In the 2nd and 3rd years, a choice opening module prefigures master level specialization and future professional integration and opens up to interdisciplinarity and innovation. 

Rules and regulations for Bachelor and Master studies (.pdf)

Because of the numerous registration queries the HEMU receives annually, candidates applying for a Bachelor’s degree will be subjected to a competitive entrance examination in order to evaluate their skills.

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