Admissions 2021-2022

The deadline to register in the entrance exam is March 1st of every year.

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HEMU is:

  1. An institution that is over 150 years old, rich in excellence, sharing and innovation. A university with 3 profiles – Classical, Jazz and Pop Music – which interact and promote encounters between different styles and aesthetics, in a mutually enriching environment.

  2. Highly qualified and passionate teachers at the service of the students.
    An experienced pedagogical team, attentive to the students' needs, their study projects and career plans.

  3. Varied study programs, based on current European standards, meeting all needs and ideally preparing students for success in the professional world after graduation.
    All the Bachelors and Masters delivered by the HEMU are internationally recognized.

  4. Teaching combining theoretical and practical aspects, in connection with artistic research (presence of a Research Institute), which offers the possibility of developing one's art by accompanying it with a reflection on one's artistic practice.

  5. Exciting artistic and pedagogical projects that allow students to acquire stage experience in a professional context through multiple collaborations with renowned cultural institutions.

  6. Direct access to the professional world: internships in orchestras, in music schools or in public schools for music teaching, tours with alumni ensembles, competitions, scholarships, carte blanche, etc.

  7. A university anchored in the territory, which radiates well beyond regional borders to transmit music to the public who expects it, as well as to those waiting to discover it.

  8. Meetings with artists involved on stages around the world, during masterclasses, workshops, conferences, etc.

  9. Students coming from the four corners of the world, student associations on each site of the HEMU (Lausanne, Valais, Fribourg), welcoming new students in a friendly, supportive and sometimes festive atmosphere!

  10. A unique experience, in a beautiful and stimulating living environment, between lake and mountains, in dynamic and innovative cities and country, where art and culture are omnipresent.


The theoretical exams for the admissions are organzined online.

The admission tests are based on a video recording sent by the candidates, with the exception of the following disciplines which will take place in person:


> MA musical Interpretation:

  • Accompaniment
  • Orchestral conduction
  • Direction of wind instrument ensembles

> MA specialised Interpretation:

  • Solist : the 1st test will take place by video, the 2nd in person.

> MA en musical Pedgagogy

  • Music at School

Deadline to register: March 1st 2021
Deadline for sending video recordings: April 1st 2021

The minimum lengths of programs recording have been reduced as follows:

  • For Bachelor admissions, the length of the program recording has been brought down to “20 to 30 minutes minimum”
  • For Master admissions *, the length of the program recording has been brought down to “minimum 30 minutes”.
    * For admission to the Soloist Master program, the second test (transverse examination), which will take place in person, is not affected by this measure; the requirements for the duration and content of the program to be prepared for this second test remain those indicated in the repertoire of admission competitions.
  • Concerning the works required in the repertoire for the instrumental and vocal admission competitions, candidates have the choice of recording them in their entirety, or recording only excerpts or isolated movements.


The registration procedure is as follows:

  • Candidates, regardless of their place of residence or their ability to travel to the premises of the HEMU, are invited to submit a video recording of the program they have indicated in their registration file.
    No auditions will take place on the premises of the HEMU, with the exception of the courses, orientations and main disciplines expressly identified (Accompaniment, Conducting, Conducting wind instrument ensembles, Master degree in Music at school).
  • Each work in the program may be the subject of a separate video; each work, excerpt or movement must be recorded without any editing or cutting.
  • On the screen, the shot must be fixed and wide, face-on (with the camera placed in the usual location of the audience), and the candidates must be visible at all times.
  • The recording must be made specifically for the current 2021 admission session. Videos from public concerts will not be considered. At the beginning of each video, the candidates give their first and last names, indicate the title of the work and mention the date of the day of the recording.
  • The length (as mentioned above) and composition of the recorded program meet the requirements indicated on the HEMU website.
  • The procedures for sending links to the videos will be communicated directly to the registered candidates later.

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