The Master program in Specialized Music Performance is designed as a highly demanding program, preparing a limited number of students showing exceptional abilities for an artistic activity at the highest level.

In selective admission tests, the main skills required are outstanding instrumental or vocal technical skills.

The study plan gives prominence to training in the main discipline (as an instrumentalist or singer). A specific training allows the student to deepen their ensemble experience in different formations: orchestra, chamber ensemble, in a leader/coach role. A reflection on practice (research in seminars) completes the study plan.

The conception of a program and the recording of a CD as well as the elaboration of its booklet crown these two years of study.

The master's project is built around three axes: artistic production (two public recitals as well as an exam with orchestra), ensemble practice and reflection.

Orientations for the Master of Arts in Specialized Music Performance:


Noémie Robidas, Head of MA specialised musical interpretation solists

Please read the full page below before filling out your application form.


The deadline for enrollment in the entrance exam is March 1st of every year.


Applicants must be in possession of a Bachelor of Music degree from a Swiss Haute Ecole de Musique, a diploma from a Swiss Haute Ecole de Musique, or an equivalent degree. There is no age limit.


The works to be presented in the entrance audition are listed in the exam repertory document (FRENCH) (.pdf)

Direction of wind instrument ensembles (last page of the document) (.pdf)

Master of instrumental/vocals pedagogy: 2nd dossier to be prepared for March 1st, 2020 (pdf)

Warning regarding 2021 admissions:

The minimum lengths of programs recording have been reduced as follows:

  • For Bachelor admissions, the length of the program recording has been brought down to “20 to 30 minutes minimum”
  • For Master admissions *, the length of the program recording has been brought down to “minimum 30 minutes”.
    * For admission to the Soloist Master program, the second test (transverse examination), which will take place in person, is not affected by this measure; the requirements for the duration and content of the program to be prepared for this second test remain those indicated in the repertoire of admission competitions.
  • Concerning the works required in the repertoire for the instrumental and vocal admission competitions, candidates have the choice of recording them in their entirety, or recording only excerpts or isolated movements.

The registration procedure is as follows:

  • Candidates, regardless of their place of residence or their ability to travel to the premises of the HEMU, are invited to submit a video recording of the program they have indicated in their registration file.
    No auditions will take place on the premises of the HEMU, with the exception of the courses, orientations and main disciplines expressly identified (Accompaniment, Conducting, Conducting wind instrument ensembles, Master degree in Music at school).
  • Each work in the program may be the subject of a separate video; each work, excerpt or movement must be recorded without any editing or cutting.
  • On the screen, the shot must be fixed and wide, face-on (with the camera placed in the usual location of the audience), and the candidates must be visible at all times.
  • The recording must be made specifically for the current 2021 admission session. Videos from public concerts will not be considered. At the beginning of each video, the candidates give their first and last names, indicate the title of the work and mention the date of the day of the recording.
  • The length (as mentioned above) and composition of the recorded program meet the requirements indicated on the HEMU website.
  • The procedures for sending links to the videos will be communicated directly to the registered candidates later.

Courses are given in French. A minimal level of French is required. The recommended level is the B2 level of the "European Portfolio of Languages".

German-speaking applicants who have been successfully admitted for a Master of Arts in Music Pedagogy, major in Instrumental / Vocal Teaching, and enrolled at the HEMU Fribourg branch, will be able, upon a well-founded written request, to acquire the pedagogy module at the Bern University of the Arts.

Kandidaten deutscher Sprache, welche in den Studiengang Pädagogikmaster, Orientierung Instrumental oder vokal, HEMU Standort Freiburg aufgenommen wurden, haben die Möglichkeit eine begründete Anfrage zu stellen, das Modul der Pädagogik an der Hochschule der Künste Bern zu absolvieren. 


Important : all the annexes of your application must be prepared before filling in the form. The online administrative registration is done all at once, without any interruption.

Steps :

1. Prepare your application
  • 1 photo (passport size)
  • letter of motivation
  • curriculum vitae
  • list of the repertoire you have worked on already
  • programme for the entrance examination (only for Classical music)
  • copy of the high school diploma (Maturité, Baccalauréat, Zeugnis der allgemeinen Hoschulreife, General Certificate of Education, Kotogakko, etc.)
  • copy of the diplomas already obtained during your musical studies & grade transcripts
  • copy of the valid passeport or identity card
  • copy of the admission fee payment (Swiss francs 80.-, non-refundable)
  • only for Master in Music Pedagogy instrumental/vocal Teaching or Music in Schools : Bachelor and Master levels :
    • extract from the criminal records
  • only for Master in Music Pedagogy instrumental/vocal Teaching to send to :
2. Create your user account
3. Register administratively
4. Track the status of your application
5. Questions

Enquiries : admissions.classique(at)


Case Postale 300
1001 Lausanne
Clearing   767

Titulaire du compte :
Rue des Côtes-de-Montbenon 22
1003 Lausanne

Code IBAN : CH35 0076 7000 R079 6428 5

The CHF 80.- enrollment fee must be paid by bank transfer to:

Fondation du Conservatoire de Lausanne

Proof of bank transfer must be included in the application dossier. The enrollment fee is non-refundable.

Fees and school fees 2021-2022 (FRENCH) (.pdf)


Confirmation of applicant’s enrollment in the entrance audition will be sent at the latest 15 days prior to its occurrence, detailing the date, place and time of the audition. 


Planning (.pdf)


1.    Instrumental audition: applicants play all or part of their audition repertory for a jury made up of the director (or his representative) and a panel of faculty members. Following the exams and the jury’s deliberation, results will be posted on the ground floor.

2.    Master of Music applicants who successfully pass the instrumental audition will be interviewed by the administration the same day. Interview times will be posted with entrance audition results. The interview will determine whether the applicant is admitted to the HEMU.  


The jury decides on the admission status of applicants: admitted, eligible for admission, or ineligible for admission. The ineligible candidate does not have the required level to enter at the HEMU.

Entrance auditions results will be available the following day on Internet and in Office 104.

Applicants admitted to the HEMU must confirm their definitive enrollment before 31st May of each year.

Successful applicants will receive a confirmation letter during the summer, including information on the courses they will be taking.


Règlement des études Bachelor et Master (FRENCH) (.pdf)


Students, and in particular foreign students, are not insured by the HEMU for accidents and illness. We therefore kindly ask them to do what is necessary, if any, and to provide proof of this when registering.

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